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Willi Powell 

My name is Willi Powell, and I am a waterfowl addict. I grew up doing everything outdoors with my father in southern Ontario including hunting, fishing, and trapping. Nearly all my weekends and some weeknights during the fall growing up were spent with Dad on the trapline or casting a line. At the age of 14 I was lucky enough to get a chance to tag along for a waterfowl hunt with some of my dad’s friends, and the rest is history.

I chased waterfowl religiously throughout high school and university. I never once made it to the first day of the school year throughout high school as this was also opening day for waterfowl. In university, the basement of my student housing was packed with decoys and layout blinds. I was also known to miss a few classes over my preferred hobby, chasing birds.


In 2012, I graduated with my 4-year Bachelor of Science in Honours Biology and had already completed my 5th year as a summer student with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, where my dad worked. That same fall I was beyond excited to earn my first guide position at a local duck hunting club on Lake St. Clair. Guiding and providing guests with once in a lifetime hunts or crazy frenzies of flipping birds quickly became my passion. I was graciously mentored by the veteran guides in calling, decoying, and gundog training.


In 2014, I decided to pursue my passion over my mediocre government career and moved to Alberta, Canada to guide birds in the waterfowl Mecca of North America, possibly the world. On arrival, I was in awe of the sheer number of birds and variety of species. I encountered fields of 1000’s of specks happily giggling in grain swaths and waves of snow geese lifting off the stubble only to swirl and land again with greedy bellies. Hunting action was much more furious, and the limits were extremely generous. I was in all my glory every time I stepped into the blind. This was God’s country.

That same year I was lucky enough to find work as a Biologist in the oil and gas industry. This work experience has been very rewarding and allowed me to continue to pursue my outfitting ambitions, always ensuring I have the fall months off. I am now a practicing Registered Professional Biologist in multiple provinces in Canada. My experience in biology has greatly increased my knowledge of waterfowl behaviour which I am been able to translate into hunting success. I believe that understanding small details such as species-specific behaviours, nutrient requirements, and knowledge of agricultural practices provide me with a unique advantage in this pursuit.

In 2017, I was able to purchase my first waterfowl allocations within Alberta and kicked off my adventure of Prairie Waterfowl Co. Since then, I have been able to acquire additional allocations to expand my huntable area to nearly 3 million acres. At Prairie Waterfowl Co. we strive to improve each season whether it be new gear, larger areas, or new land permission. We are always evolving and work to make each year better than the last while creating relationships with our guests.

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Hunting with Prairie Waterfowl Co. is not all about the piles on the ground or shooting the limit (although we are pretty dang good at it). Everything about our operation is designed to provide a carefree, fun filled outfitting experience, with our inclusive rates, and comfortable lodging with attached restaurant for convenient dining.

Our mission is to offer world-class hunting opportunities while creating relationships with our guests and making memories to last a lifetime.

We can’t wait to see you in the blind.

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