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What you can expect during your visit

Our guests begin their adventure with a flight into Edmonton International Airport. Our home base is scenic 2-hour drive past fields of boiling snow geese and potholes stacked to capacity with ducks of all kinds. You will arrive at our hotel accommodations that boast spacious rooms with comfortable beds to ensure you are well rested for the duration of your stay. All rooms include kitchenette, bar fridge and direct access outside and to the lobby. The rooms provide ample space for the group to gather to watch the game and share your excitement for the hunts to come.

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Your first morning will begin with travel to a scouted feed field with your guide to set up the rig. We typically hunt dry fields of either barley, wheat, or peas. Hunts will take place from comfortable layout blinds or A-frame style blinds depending on the group’s preference or at the guide's discretion. Our trailers are stocked with large numbers of ultra-realistic full body decoys that have even the wariest specks giggling and flipping as they approach. Silhouette decoys may be added to increase the size of the spread at the guides discretion. Guests will enjoy a crisp fall Alberta sunrise as the first sets of whistling wings cut the air into our spread, signaling the start of the morning feeding frenzy. In addition to the fantastic wing shooting, you will enjoy our guide's proficient calling and exceptional gun dog work to complete the experience as you fill your limits. 

After your morning hunt, the group will meet at the restaurant adjoining the hotel for a hearty breakfast. Mid-day can be spent resting or exploring the offerings of the area including golf courses or shopping for last minute items. In the afternoon you will find yourself in a new feed field provided by our scouts from the morning run. Here you will continue to enjoy low lines of lumbering greater Canada’s scraping the crop stubble and kamikaze pintails to finish out your daily limit.

Guests are invited to gather in the outfitters room in the evening to recap the excitement of whirling clouds of whistling wing mallards swarming the blinds like bees before heading to the restaurant for dinner. The restaurant offers a full dinner and drink menu with nightly specials. After dinner we will discuss the plan for the following morning. Guests are free to relax in the sports bar while they catch the game and relive the chaos of a 1000 cackling lesser Canada’s bombarding the rig from every direction.


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Our Accommodations are pet friendly, so feel free to bring your four-legged hunting companion to add to your experience.

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